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July 17, 2015

Marco Kozlowski Luxury Real Estate InvestingReal Estate investing guru Marco Kozlowskisays there’s a new way to make luxury property investments.  Previously people interested in purchasing luxury properties would have to hire a realtor because expensive enough properties were not listed in MLS.  This meant the average person could not simply peruse the internet to find available luxury properties.

There is a new website, however, that is changing everything. is working with luxury sellers to create an online database of luxury properties currently on the market.  The service is free of charge, but has a VIP option that allows selected persons to receive notification of properties before they reach the public webpage.

Solo investors can use this new web service to find hot properties without having to go through a real estate agent.  Investors can simply refine their search to chosen markets and find top-of-the-line properties.  While is working to expand their database, the service currently only covers Illinois, New Hampshire and Las Vegas.  However, new properties are added every day and it is only a matter of time before this service is country wide.

2015 A Great Year for Anyone Interested in Investing in Luxury New York City Real Estate by Marco Kozlowski

July 08, 2015

While New York City is almost always a good luxury real estate investment bet, real estate investment expert Marco Kozlwoski recommends investors jump into the New York City market now more than ever.  Increasing interest from Chinese investors and easy funding from foreign banks, coupled with low supply and high demand, make NYC a guaranteed success.

New York City real estate often comes with steeper up-front costs than most areas of the country.  However foreign banks interested in profiting from foreign luxury real estate, such as the Bank of China and the United Overseas Bank in Singapore are offering record low interest rates – rates as low as 2.5%.  Most US banks will not offer interest rates that are any lower than 5%.  Other foreign banks financing luxury real estate development in NYC include The Children’s Investment Fund from the UK and its affiliate Talos Capital Limited.

Beyond lower interest rates, foreign banks tend to be less restrictive than domestic banks.  Most banks in the US will try to syndicate big loans to ease the risk of their investment.  This complicates matters for developers if they ever want to renegotiate their loan.  Foreign banks tend to keep the loans completely in-house, making renegotiation simple and easy.  Also the crash of 2008 killed investor trust in US banks so many investors are turning to foreign banks for a stronger sense of security.

Investors should make their move on the luxury NYC real estate market quickly because Chinese interest in NYC properties is at an all-time high and is still growing.  2014 already showed record interest from Chinese investors.  Recently Chinese investors were given more leniency to make foreign investments.  Chinese Insurance groups alone are estimated at having over $1.6 trillion worth of assets to use for making investments.  American investors who jump into the market early can capitalize on the Chinese interest, as well as the upcoming drop in supply.  Bob Knakal of Cushman and Wakefield estimates that Chinese investors will be putting in at least $50 billion to the NYC market within the next couple of years.

Some critics fear that this push of Chinese interest will be similar to the early 90’s Japanese investing rush.  In that instance, prices sky rocketed and then the market collapsed.  However, the Japanese investors came into the market with debt that ended up not being supportable by the market.  The Chinese investors are making purchases with cash.  For example, Chinese company Anbang Insurance recently was able to purchase the historical Waldorf Astoria for $1.95 billion in cash.  This means the Chinese will not be trying to drive up prices in an effort to cover interest fees.  They can instead keep prices as they are and simply reap the already profitable market.

Where to Invest: Luxury Properties from Vail Resorts, Inc.

June 23, 2015

In the world of luxury real estate investing, real estate expert Marco Kozlowski notes that Vail Resorts, Inc. stands out among its competitors.  Specializing in mountain areas, and covering lodging and real estate sales, Vail Resorts offer a unique luxury package.  Investors looking to get into Vail Resorts stocks should move quickly, as demand and prices shoot up.  


The yearly revenue for Vail Resorts is higher than that of its competitors with a gross profit margin of 46.07%, over double the industry standard of 23.02%.  Their income growth is also significantly higher than the average for the hotel and leisure industry.  Their growth has remained consistent and strong, so investment experts predict Vail Resorts will be a safe investment bet.


Vail Resorts average intake has been approximately 225,800 shares per day over the last month. The Street Quant Ratings value Vail Resorts as a buy in a number areas including revenue increase, growth in net income, growing profit margins, a solid financial position with a reasonable amount of debt, and stock performance that is steady. 


Investors have already noted the viability of Vail Resorts so stock prices jumped in the last year.  While a bit higher than ideal for a new investor, stock prices are still reasonable and still expected to grow in value even more.  Marco Kozlowski recommends investors interested in Vail Resorts, Inc., jump in as soon as possible to get the most profitable return possible.

The Internet Revolution Changes the Face of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

June 15, 2015
The US economy continues to make a slow but steady recovery, making it an ideal time for investing in real estate, says real estate investing guru Marco Kozlowski.  The market is currently a bull market with no signs of wavering.  For anyone new to investing, a bull market means a market where values are going up.  The opposite of a bull market is a bear market and both metaphors are derived from the way each animal fights.  Bulls swipe their horns in an upward motion signaling the upward direction of the market.  Bears claw downwards signaling a market that is going down. 
                Many people are afraid the current bull market that has been going strong for the past five years is getting to the point where it will start to downturn.  However, there is no evidence for anything that would cause that downturn.  There would have to be an upset to the economy completely unpredicted by modern economists such as a sudden upswing in interest rates.  However, interest rates are predicted to only increase at a steady, slow rate in the near future.  The economy is not strong enough for lenders to risk pushing interest rates too high and losing what confidence the market has gained.  Also many major banks have purchased some of the government’s debt keeping them well-funded and undesiring of pushing interest rates to boost profits. 
                The economy is not booming, but it is strong and continues to grow stronger each year.  Companies are doing well, offering economy boosting profits, hiring new people, and expanding their offices.  Supply for commercial real estate remains generally low so demand is high, making for good investments.
                The age of the internet and new technologies is starting to have a major effect on the real estate markets.  Many consumers are now more interested in doing their shopping through online shopping rather than in-store.  This means the age of the supermalls and big shopping centers has past and investing in that type of supercenter is becoming obsolete.  The shopping centers that are continuing to do well tend to center around attractions that are hard to replace with the internet such as grocery stores and big movie theaters.  Most of the stores tend to be restaurants or niche shops that offer options that are either hard to find online or are still cheaper to be purchased in-store.  People interested in big commercial real estate need to direct their focus to these types of centers that are still drawing a crowd rather than trying to invest in the traditional mall. 
                Additionally with the focus on online purchasing over in-store purchasing, many companies have to ramp up their online presences.  Some only use the internet for marketing purposes but many are now using their stores more as showrooms for their items with their bulk of products and sales being made through online purchases.  This also sets up a different type of building in demand than before.  With most of the work being done online, businesses are looking to have smaller stores only big enough to have a simple selection of their products and a few employees.  Commercial shopping centers, then, that have many smaller offices for sale are looking at better investments as the demand will be high.  Additionally, the greater amount of tenants can offer a greater margin for profits.
                The internet revolution is also affecting the way investors make their investments.  Crowdfunding is becoming huge across all markets.  Now people with only a small amount to invest can put money down for big commercial real estate projects.  Developers who use crowdfunding can use it to avoid having to take up a loan from the banks, or less of a loan to cut out having to pay interest and in return allow a large group of crowdfunding investors to each have a small stake in the project.  Crowdfunding allows the everyday person to make their own choices when investing and can be done in amounts that are affordable to the everyday person.
                Lastly, people are returning to the cities in droves.  Suburban centers continue to do well, but cities have seen a large up-swing in public interest.  With the concerns for the environment and personal health and fitness, people are migrating to cities where public transportation and the ability to walk wherever anyone wants to go have become big draws.  Also cities have the benefit of being packed with people and therefore draw in more attractions than suburban areas.  People wanting to be entertained are moving back to the cities to be closer to major shows, festivals, performances, spontaneous events, and more. 
Cities also attract a greater variety of attractions.  In our increasingly globalized world, people want to be able to experience more of what the world has to offer but with the convenience of not having to leave their city.  Traditional suburbs and rural areas often only offer a narrow spectrum of restaurants, arts, and entertainment.  Big cities have the luxury of a diverse population and can offer a much broader variety of attractions.  The popularization of “hipster” attitudes also changes the way investors should be looking for urban properties.  The lack of new building space requires investors to pick older, rundown properties to flip and rebrand.  Due to the hipster trend, even properties in less-favorable neighborhoods, if redeveloped properly can be turned into highly successful commercial and residential properties. 

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June 08, 2015
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US Hotel Market Looks Promising for Investment by Marco Kozlowski

May 21, 2015

Real estate investment expert, Marco Kozlowski, recommends investing in the United States hotel market fast, as their value has been on a steady incline.  This incline has brought the hotel market back to almost pre-recession numbers.  According to a report by Moody’s/RCA Commercial Property Price Indices, hotel prices have increased by 33% over the last year and are forecast to continue growing. Marco Kozlowski is a world renowned business coaching expert and has studied the luxury real estate market internationally.

The price of hotel sales has increased from last year and multiple properties of over $1 million in value have been sold.  Moody’s reported that hotel prices rose in speeds vastly outstripping other real estate, such as offices, retail, apartments, and industrial properties.  They pegged the hotel market as having growth of 33%, whereas the other real estate markets only experienced growth of about 16%.  Part of this growth can be attributed to levels of occupancies much higher than previously forecast.  Investors should jump on the hotel market at the early stages of the upswing so they can reap as much of the benefits as possible.

Hot Spots for Foreign Luxury Real Estate Investments

May 14, 2015

Real Estate Investment Expert, Marco Kozlowski, names Australia as one of the hottest spots for foreign real estate investments right now.  Many foreign countries besides the US are increasingly putting in investments for Australian properties. Marco Kozlowski has traveled the world as a luxury real estate expert and internationally-renowned business coach.

China has most recently been the biggest contributor on that front.  Their own real estate markets are dropping in value rapidly, while the people continue to succeed in business.  Looking for places to use their growing wealth, they turn to investing in foreign real estate.  Australia’s close proximity and continuing strength in their real estate market makes them the prime candidate.

The United Kingdom has also demonstrated considerable interest in investing in Australia.  A large percentage of people who move out of the United Kingdom end up in Australia.  Australia offers them a flourishing job market, as well as having appeal due to climate and culture.   Even UAE and surrounding regions show interest in Australia partially due to Australia’s closeness.  All foreign investors, however, are most drawn to the low interest rates in Australia and the proven increase in value of the Australian real estate market over time.

The most popular cities for current investments are Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.   Queensland is also doing very well with a large amount of new development opening up a large amount of potential for foreign investors.  Western Australia and New South Wales are also potentially good options, whereas Tasmania, the northern and southern areas, and Canberra are the least popular for investing. Luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski says Australia is becoming a key country for investments and success.

Best Cities for Luxury Real Estate Investment by Marco Kozlowski

May 07, 2015
Real estate expert Marco Kozlowski states the luxury property market has excelled in recent years, with a few cities standing out among the rest.  With data from Knight Frank’s Prime International Residence Index, Jakarta, Indonesia holds the top stop for luxury real estate investing.  Jakarta has experienced an unmatched 40% increase in property value in the past years.  Bali, as well has done well, coming in second among top growth.  Dubai took the third place spot with a growth of 20%. As a world-renowned business coach, Marco Kozlowski has traveled to many countries studying their real estate markets and sharing his tips for success. 

The United States ranked quite well on the list with four making the list.  Miami had the most growth, right after Dubai, with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Aspen, Colorado, also making the list. Swiss markets also made the list with the popular cities of Gstaad, and Verbier.  Nearby Munich also made the list with growth of 9.3%.  Other cities included on the list from most growth to least were São Paulo, Auckland, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Istanbul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and St. Petersburg.  Location appeal, growing middle classes, strong economies, and low supply are the main reasons for the market success of these various cities. Following Marco Kozlowski's suggestions for prosperous cities can lead to success and wealth in luxury real estate investment. 

Marco Kozlowski

Real Estate 101 by Marco Kozlowski: What you Need to Know to get into the Business

April 30, 2015
Real Estate 101 by Marco Kozlowski: What you Need to Know to get into the Business
When looking into real estate investments, there are several points to keep in mind.  According to luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski, one of the most important things for getting started is to have a good understanding of the current market.  Purchasing real estate at market price generally does not provide ample returns.  Investors should look for properties that are at below market value.
Despite a recovering residential market, luxury homes have been providing impressive returns.  In 2014, luxury home prices rose 4%, but in the same year their value appreciated 8%.  As the residential market continues to recover that appreciation value could continue to accelerate. Marco Kozlowski is a world-renowned business coach and has spent many years researching the international and domestic economy and real estate markets making him a foremost expert.
Turnkey properties also offer fairly guaranteed returns.  They are properties that have already been redeveloped, have current tenants, and a property manager.  They essentially take much of the work out of property investing by being purchased as a packaged deal rather than separately taking care of all the pieces. The downside to turnkey properties is they tend to offer overall smaller returns and higher purchase cost.
Vacation homes offer property owners the ability to travel to their various properties; however, in terms of direct returns on investment, they tend not to provide high revenue.  During vacation season they can recoup their costs, but the long spans of vacancy keep them from doing much better than that.
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) can be a way to get into the market with low initial investment costs and more reliable returns.  REITs are companies that own, develop, and redevelop properties. They offer many options for investments, but tend to follow the success of the stock market rather than actual property values.
Real Estate guru Marco Kozlowski states that owning rental properties can provide big residuals but it takes quite a bit of finesse to make successful.  If an owner does not have personal expertise in day-to-day management of rental properties, they can hire a manager to take care of it but that cuts sharply into profit.  Another option is purchasing rundown properties and renovating them to sell them at elevated prices.  Flipping houses also relies on expertise on how best to improve a property in the shortest amount of time and without too much cost.  Success in flipping houses depends on selecting market neighborhoods and knowing hidden costs of different areas that would possibly cut into profits.  Vacant properties can offer major gains if they are in neighborhoods that are on the up and up or if they are across potential infrastructure improvements, but they can often be a major investment risk that overshadows possible worth. Marco Kozlowski has spent years perfecting his methods and tricks to finding luxury real estate wealth and success and is now opening up his knowledge to the public with his expertise in business coaching as well.
Marco Kozlowski

Scam Advice and Coaching

April 16, 2015
United States Currency Strengthens, Promotes Domestic Real Estate Investments
            According to luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski, it can be intimidating when you make the decision to get into luxury real estate and many people ask themselves these questions: Do I have enough money, Do I have enough time, and Where do I begin? Thankfully, rises in the rate of US currency have brought real estate investment and property ownership back into domestic hands. According to Adam Hayes of “Investopedia”, Manhattan is quickly becoming one of the best cities to begin investing in luxury real estate investment and ownership. The previous years exposed a large reduction in the US economy and domination by foreign currency and ownership; this was seen in the amount of investments in New York property by those same foreign investors. Luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski has been studying the real estate market for many years and has learned the secrets to getting in when the margin for profit is at its most promising. Strengthening of the US dollar in opposition to weakening of foreign currency has resulted in optimistic real estate outlooks and opportunities. Decrease in foreign property investors across the United States and in particular, Manhattan, has made way for new domestic investors and Kozlowski has mastered the art of luxury real estate success.

            Analysis done by the Wall Street Journal showed that the average return on owning a condo in Manhattan earned a compound average growth return (CAGR) of 6.5% over 10 years, which was significantly higher than other gains on stocks and bonds etc. Investopedia’s Adam Hayes further explained that despite foreign competition and property demand, New York real estate prices have only risen 1.91% over the last year, compound that with strong US currency and you have the perfect opportunity for investment. As a world-renowned business coach Marco Kozlowski has helped provide the tips and tricks to finding wealth through real estate, and his number one tip for getting into the game is to practice your negotiation skills. Kozlowski has learned over the years to develop precise and expert negotiation skills which he advises the importance of when discussing final housing prices and when finding willing lenders to invest in your property. Adam Hayes discussed further in his research that whether you are investing in a property or purchasing, many have found their wealth and gains increased when they rented out rooms in their much sought after Manhattan condominiums. Manhattan, as with much of the United States, has many draws and conveniences that make it an extremely desirable place for ownership and investment, but foreign interest has dwindled along with their currency leaving ample opportunity for domestic investors. Marco Kozlowski is an expert in luxury real estate investment and is looking towards the future of United States property ownership as the next big opportunity for wealth and success.