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Best Cities for Luxury Real Estate Investment by Marco Kozlowski

May 07, 2015
Real estate expert Marco Kozlowski states the luxury property market has excelled in recent years, with a few cities standing out among the rest.  With data from Knight Frank’s Prime International Residence Index, Jakarta, Indonesia holds the top stop for luxury real estate investing.  Jakarta has experienced an unmatched 40% increase in property value in the past years.  Bali, as well has done well, coming in second among top growth.  Dubai took the third place spot with a growth of 20%. As a world-renowned business coach, Marco Kozlowski has traveled to many countries studying their real estate markets and sharing his tips for success. 

The United States ranked quite well on the list with four making the list.  Miami had the most growth, right after Dubai, with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Aspen, Colorado, also making the list. Swiss markets also made the list with the popular cities of Gstaad, and Verbier.  Nearby Munich also made the list with growth of 9.3%.  Other cities included on the list from most growth to least were São Paulo, Auckland, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Istanbul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and St. Petersburg.  Location appeal, growing middle classes, strong economies, and low supply are the main reasons for the market success of these various cities. Following Marco Kozlowski's suggestions for prosperous cities can lead to success and wealth in luxury real estate investment. 

Marco Kozlowski