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April 16, 2015
United States Currency Strengthens, Promotes Domestic Real Estate Investments
            According to luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski, it can be intimidating when you make the decision to get into luxury real estate and many people ask themselves these questions: Do I have enough money, Do I have enough time, and Where do I begin? Thankfully, rises in the rate of US currency have brought real estate investment and property ownership back into domestic hands. According to Adam Hayes of “Investopedia”, Manhattan is quickly becoming one of the best cities to begin investing in luxury real estate investment and ownership. The previous years exposed a large reduction in the US economy and domination by foreign currency and ownership; this was seen in the amount of investments in New York property by those same foreign investors. Luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski has been studying the real estate market for many years and has learned the secrets to getting in when the margin for profit is at its most promising. Strengthening of the US dollar in opposition to weakening of foreign currency has resulted in optimistic real estate outlooks and opportunities. Decrease in foreign property investors across the United States and in particular, Manhattan, has made way for new domestic investors and Kozlowski has mastered the art of luxury real estate success.

            Analysis done by the Wall Street Journal showed that the average return on owning a condo in Manhattan earned a compound average growth return (CAGR) of 6.5% over 10 years, which was significantly higher than other gains on stocks and bonds etc. Investopedia’s Adam Hayes further explained that despite foreign competition and property demand, New York real estate prices have only risen 1.91% over the last year, compound that with strong US currency and you have the perfect opportunity for investment. As a world-renowned business coach Marco Kozlowski has helped provide the tips and tricks to finding wealth through real estate, and his number one tip for getting into the game is to practice your negotiation skills. Kozlowski has learned over the years to develop precise and expert negotiation skills which he advises the importance of when discussing final housing prices and when finding willing lenders to invest in your property. Adam Hayes discussed further in his research that whether you are investing in a property or purchasing, many have found their wealth and gains increased when they rented out rooms in their much sought after Manhattan condominiums. Manhattan, as with much of the United States, has many draws and conveniences that make it an extremely desirable place for ownership and investment, but foreign interest has dwindled along with their currency leaving ample opportunity for domestic investors. Marco Kozlowski is an expert in luxury real estate investment and is looking towards the future of United States property ownership as the next big opportunity for wealth and success.