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US Hotel Market Looks Promising for Investment by Marco Kozlowski

May 21, 2015

Real estate investment expert, Marco Kozlowski, recommends investing in the United States hotel market fast, as their value has been on a steady incline.  This incline has brought the hotel market back to almost pre-recession numbers.  According to a report by Moody’s/RCA Commercial Property Price Indices, hotel prices have increased by 33% over the last year and are forecast to continue growing. Marco Kozlowski is a world renowned business coaching expert and has studied the luxury real estate market internationally.

The price of hotel sales has increased from last year and multiple properties of over $1 million in value have been sold.  Moody’s reported that hotel prices rose in speeds vastly outstripping other real estate, such as offices, retail, apartments, and industrial properties.  They pegged the hotel market as having growth of 33%, whereas the other real estate markets only experienced growth of about 16%.  Part of this growth can be attributed to levels of occupancies much higher than previously forecast.  Investors should jump on the hotel market at the early stages of the upswing so they can reap as much of the benefits as possible.